‘Don’t leave them behind’: How to take care of your pets during typhoons

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Many people needed to be rescued on Thursday morning as Typhoon Ulysses (international name: Vamco) brought heavy rains, resulting in severe flooding in many areas like Rizal and Marikina City.

Among those that needed rescue, as seen on viral social media posts, were animals stuck on roofs in different residential areas.

According to Ashley Fruno, director of animal assistance programs for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Asia, this scenario is nothing new to them. In fact, it is way too familiar that they strongly advocate for pet owners to not leave their pets behind during typhoons and other disasters.

“The reality is the owners can’t reach the dog (on the roofs). We do not have superpowers,” Fruno told CNN Philippines in a phone interview.

“So before the situation gets bad, that’s the time to evacuate your pets.”

Evacuate early

If the pet owner is situated in an area that is seen to be hit hard by the typhoon, she said it is important to coordinate with local government units in terms of going to an evacuation center that accept animals.

“We have seen residents with pets in evacuation centers,” Fruno shared.

She said that if it is a matter of life and death for the owners and they really have to leave their animals behind, it is best to make sure the pets are not chained or caged. It will also be advisable to leave them on high ground, and to leave food and water if possible.”

“I can’t imagine the fear they feel when the water is rising, because it is a prolonged death,” Fruno added. “Give your animal the best chance of survival.

Give your pet an I.D.

Fruno also said that it is important to write the owner’s contact details on the collar of the animal, or to give them a tag. This way, the pet can be identified and be given back to the owner in case it gets lost.

She added that it is also helpful to pack dog essentials in case of emergency.

Keep it calm

Lastly, Fruno advised that the best thing to do to secure and comfort your pet is to keep a calm attitude.

“When you’re not calm, they will also feel it, the anxiety,” she stressed.

She also said that it can help if windows will be covered with curtains to prevent thunders and lightnings from startling them. Every pet has its own ways of expressing its needs, so it is important to pay attention, she added.

– (Source: CNN)


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